Lovebirth offers birth information and resources. You may want to avoid a previous experience or just want to do everything you can to have the birth experience you dream of.

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Helping you

Pregnancy is a time of enormous transformation as your body and baby grow. It sometimes feels like you need a degree just to make the right choices for your pregnancy, let alone having a baby. Find out all sorts of useful pregnancy information, and where to look for help.

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Helping birth

Birth is complex – hormones, positions, medical help, drugs, time lines and more. Yet birth is also remarkably simple, women have been birthing babies for millenia. This site focuses on helping you prepare and make the choices you want for your birth, your body and your baby.

Anxious about giving birth?

Often women are anxious about giving birth. The idea of physically birthing a baby, and of the possible complications can over shadow pregnancy. Knowledge can help you understand how your body is designed to birth and to come back into shape afertwards. Practising breathing and yoga can help you know how to best look after yourself during labour and birth. It can also help you keep calm and birth your baby.

Love birth: the book?

If want to read more curled up on the sofa – here’s a book you’ll enjoy.

Yoga & breathing for pregnancy & birth